The Shampoo Incident

Funny Business

You know, I am glad my bathroom doesn’t have windows because the shreiks coming from my daughter tonight would have had the neighbors believing that I was, in fact, a crazed serial killer who tortures children for kicks.

Nope. Just a mom trying to handle a situation with some shampoo. (Same thing?)

I was giving the munchkins a bath when Foodie decided to experiment with shampoo. While my back was turned to her as I was toweling off the boys, she put a generous amount of adult shampoo….directly in to her eye socket.


Oh, this will be fun.

It was everywhere. Huge globs of Suave all over her head, dripping down her face. This was clearly not how they applied shampoo in the commercials, but Foodie’s application was improvised so, you have to give her points for trying to get that salon-quality feel.

I tried to get Foodie to lay down in the tub so I could wash all the shampoo off her face and hair but, she clearly thought I was trying to drown her so, she flipped her lid and started screaming. I briefly contemplated turning on the shower and just hosing her off, but she bit me on the forearm last time I tried that. This child is not a fan of the shower.


I’m there, fully dressed, wrestling her in the tub as she screams. (Wet toddlers are hard to get a good grip on…) She’s splashing and crying as I rinse her as best I can.  I am using the world’s smallest water cup to rinse her head. It was like a thimble. Seriously. The boys are standing in the doorway of the bathroom, butt naked, just watching. I am silently praying no door-to-door missionaries walk in. Again.

After a chaotic twenty minutes of crying, flailing, and splashing (mostly by me) I got poor Foodie dry, dressed, and 90% shampoo-free.

We finally snuggled on the couch in our pajamas and she looked at me, very seriously.

“No more ‘poo in my eyes, please.”

Yes. Thank you. I will keep that in mind.


3 thoughts on “The Shampoo Incident

  1. Took me a while to get what “‘poo” means 🙂
    When I was about Foodie’s age, I was terrified of having my hair washed so every time I had to take a bath and my mum tried to rinse my head, I started screaming and a fierce fight. I even climbed up the curtains next to the tub. 30 years later, mum still complains about it 🙂

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