Lights Out

Funny Business

We had a power outage yesterday here at the House O Fun Times.

Actually, it wasn’t too bad. I had some warning that it was coming. There was high winds outside and I saw the lights dim about 15 minutes before the power went. As soon as those lights flickered, I ran the bath and threw the kids in it with gusto. The last thing I wanted was 3 kids crying that they didn’t get their bubble bath before bed because it was too dark for me to find the faucet.

Our luck held as the power went out completely seconds after I got Foodie out of the tub. (No ‘poo in the eyes this time!)

“It’s dark,” Cereal Killer helpfully told me. “What can we do now?”

My supply of flashlights had been dismantled by a helpful two-year-old months ago and I am not suicidal enough to keep candles in the house so, our options were extremely limited. “You can, uh, go to bed?”

Killer wasn’t a huge fan of that suggestion.

“Can I watch a movie?” he asked, really digging in his brain for something other than bed.

“No power.”

“Can I play my game?” If only he was thinking of a board game, we may have been in business. Alas, my 21st century child wanted to play the Lego game on the computer.

“No power.”

“Can we make popcorn?”

“No power.”

“I’m going to bed.”

“No problem!!”

Easiest bedtime routine ever! I am seriously considering throwing the circuit breakers every night at 8pm.


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