How Do You Say, “Incurable Flirt” in Spanish?

Funny Business

This also happened the night we went out for Chinese…

Sitting across from us at the restaurant was a group of Hispanic fellas who were conversing with each other in Spanish. I noticed Foodie giving them the eye while we were eating and I had a speaking suspicion she was about to cause some bilingual drama.

Well, she was pretty taken by those guys. She kept trying to join their table and was flirting non-stop with the guys sitting closest to us. When it was finally time to leave, she insisted on saying goodbye to each guy individually.

I had no idea why she was so obsessed with those men until I was buckling her in to her car seat.

“Let’s go, Baby Jaguar! Al rescate!”

Oh God. She thought they were a table full of Diegos. Time to start cutting back on the Nick Jr. shows, clearly.



One thought on “How Do You Say, “Incurable Flirt” in Spanish?

  1. ha! At least you weren’t humiliated in front of them, it could have been worse. On the positive side, the shows are doing their job – learning Spanish! I was never able to learn another language successfully, perhaps a few years of Diego and Dora might help!

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