The Smell

Funny Business

I was sitting on the couch with Foodie. She was playing the “duck, duck, poke” game. It’s an original invention she came up with all by herself. She says, “Duck, duck, duck, duck….POKE!” When she gets to that “poke” part, she attempts to jam her finger in my eye socket. I am not sure how one wins at this game, but she is entirely amused by it.

We were in the middle of another round. I was trying to protect my precious eye balls with a magazine when I smelled a Familiar Smell.

“Hey, what’s that stink?” I asked her.

“Noffing,” she replied innocently.

“What’s going on with your bottom?” I continued because sometimes she will then admit she has an immediate need for the toilet.


As the smell got stronger I determined that she was one letter off with that answer.


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