Cooking Fail

Funny Business, Husbandisms

Because my husband let the kids eat my special waffles this morning, I am going to poke some fun at him. (The waffles were gluten-free-vegan and when my husband said, “Well, you should have put a note on them that they were special!” I pointed to THE BOX.)

The other day I was at work and I got a text from my husband about dinner. I had left instructions for him to brown some meat.

“How do I brown meat?”

Seriously? Put it in a pan and cook it.

I thought the crisis was resolved until he texted again.

“How do I know when it’s done?”

When it’s BROWN.

Honestly, how didn’t he starve to death before we were married?


One thought on “Cooking Fail

  1. hahaha! SO MANY times I say these words to my hubby “I cannot die, I simply cannot! Dying is not an option. You will all starve, our kid will never wear warm enough clothes go to bed at an appropriate time, or do his homework. I cannot die.”
    It HAS to be a ruse, doesn’t it? To ensure we don’t ask them to do it too often? How can a living, breathing human – one that drives, and votes and stuff, be that incapable?

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