Picture Day

Funny Business

Yesterday was picture day for the twins at school. It was being held after school, though, because someone finally realized it was an incredible pain in the butt to keep 40 4 year olds clean and picture ready during the school day. Good for them! Not so good for us…

When the kids got off the bus, I started hosing them off and getting them in to clean, nice clothing. Rain Man threw a fit about the outfit I picked to no one’s surprise. Foodie even got in on the action. Because of the inconvenience of how pictures were being taken, the studio offered siblings not in school a discount. So, Foodie picked out a dress and we got her all shined up for pictures, too.

At the school there were cars everywhere and the holding area was packed. My chances of getting good, clean pictures were diminishing with each passing moment. Rain Man picked at his nose until it was all red, Killer tore a hole in the butt of his pants, and Foodie filled her diaper seconds before we were called up for pictures. Ever determined, we soldiered on messy, hole-y, and smelly.

Rain Man took his pictures beautifully. He is very hit-or-miss in these situations so, my hopes started rising when he sat sweetly for the photographer. Killer,on the other hand, decided to make an artistic statement during his picture. He was expressing the oppression of the preschoolers in a piece I call “4 Year Old Mugshot”.

Foodie, usually the shutterbug, decided to also be difficult. She didn’t want her shoes on, she didn’t want to  sit, and she would prefer to chew on her fingers during all photographing. I think the photographer eventually got a good one of her, but I am not sure.

A teacher asked if we were getting a group shot, too as we were leaving. It took all my restraint not to laugh maniacally and run in to traffic. We had already pushed our luck enough.



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