Last night Foodie requested that I make up a story for her at bedtime. Now, I have done a little improv before but, making up a complete story is not exactly my forte.

So, we told the story of princess….Foodie! Yeah, that’s it! And she liked taking bubble baths. So, one day she took a bath with so many bubbles that she floated up in the sky! Then…uh….the bubble popped and Princess Foodie landed on a cotton candy cloud where she spent the afternoon playing Scrabble and eating apples with a unicorn. The end? Yeah. The end.

“Cool story, mama!” said Foodie. I momentarily thought I heard a touch of sarcasm in her voice, but she seemed to actually like the story.

So, I guess my lack of storytelling skills are only surpassed by her lack of storytelling taste.


One thought on “Storytelling

  1. Those moments are the hardest. No one told me having a kid meant I had to have a degree in creative theatrics. I usually counteract by asking them to tell ME a story. Its boring as hell but takes the pressure off me to perform!

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