The Magic Candy Bars

Funny Business

I took all the kids to the grocery store tonight. By myself. And it went WELL. It was like a miracle. It was as though Saint Jude was handling the shopping cart himself. Because, really, a successful shopping trip with my children is usually a lost cause.

Maybe it was divine intervention, maybe it was blind luck, but the most amazing thing happened at the grocery store.

When we rolled in to the store, the first thing we saw was an enormous display of miniature Snickers bars. (I believe they are marketed as “Fun Size” bars, but in my opinion if it was really “fun” sized, it would be significantly larger than a regular bar, not smaller.) The children’s eyes lit up as they gazed upon the glorious pile of sugar rush.

“Can we buy those?” they all begged in amazing unison. Saint Jude handed me the bag of chocolates and gave me an idea.

“I’ll put these in the cart and if you behave the whole time, we’ll get them.”

The children considered and then collectively agreed that that would be a good deal. And so, we shopped. Every time one of the three started whining or carrying on, one of the others would elbow them and motion towards that shiny bag of sweets, strategically placed in prominent view on top of the groceries in the cart.

Towards the end of the trip, Killer threw a mini fit because he wanted to visit the junk and candy machines. But, I realize no one’s perfect and it was a short fit so, we wrote it off.

Once we got home the boys helped with the bags and got in to their pajamas in record time. (Foodie was already fast asleep by this point. Shopping sure takes a lot out of you when you get to ride in the basket…) They received their candy bars, brushed their teeth, and hopped in to bed without complaint.

Snickers bars are MAGICAL.

I have never had an activity filled evening that was so easy. Maybe it’s cheap bribery, but it worked and it was definitely worth a $2.50 sack of candy bars. Bonus: there are at least a dozen more bars for me to eat to use as rewards for the kids in the future.


2 thoughts on “The Magic Candy Bars

  1. I love reading your posts. Your honest wit and positive humor are refreshing. I see that you stopped posting to your facebook page. I’ve become part of a community of mom bloggers and mom readers on facebook, and my page has taken off to heights I never imagined. I know the readers in this group would latch on to you in a heartbeat.

    I’d love to see you there!

    Lisha – The Lucky Mom

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