Little Pitchers

Funny Business

The kids were up in their beds, nice and quiet. I figured I had successfully gotten them to sleep in their post-hockey exhaustion. So, I called my mom to chat.

We started talking about Christmas and I mentioned that I was planning to get Halloween costumes once they go on clearance to make the kids a costume chest as a present. And then I heard it…

“Costumes!” came a whisper from upstairs.

Son of a biscuit. They were still awake! And they heard me! The jig is up!

“Wait….No,” I said a little louder into the phone. “I think I will just get them broccoli and Brussels sprouts instead.”

“….ew….” came a small voice.

“What on earth are you talking about?” asked my mom through the phone.

Confusing grandma is worth it to keep the kids guessing.


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