Reasons I am Glad Halloween is Over


1. I can throw away all those little, black spider rings that have been littered all over my floor, giving me heart attacks whenever I see them out of the corner of my eye.

2. My daughter will start answering to her name again. Out of costume, we are no longer obligated to call her “Princess”.

3. Pie pumpkins are on sale!

4. I don’t have to irritate everyone with my “If that candy bar was really ‘fun-sized’, it would be the size of my forearm” bit for another year.

5. There is less of a chance the kids will come home from school in a sugar coma.

6. Left over trick-or-treats…for me.

7. Batman’s missing cape might not be an international crisis anymore.

8. No more hayrides, cornmazes, or leaf piles so I don’t have to directly deposit my salary at Walgreens for allergy medication anymore!

9. Those Jack-o-lanterns? Pumpkin chuckin’. Oh yeah.

10. The holiday blitz is right around the corner!


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