Funny Business

I took my mother out grocery shopping with all three of my munchkins. She is clearly not used to the level of noise that we are all accustomed to. The kids chatter nearly constantly and I could tell it was getting on her nerves. So, we swung through a coffee shop drive-thru to get something that would pacify the adults in the car. (Can’t say a latte would do much to help with the kids…)

I told my mother, “Just be zen about it. Ommmm.”

Well, the kids picked up on that and started up a chorus of “ommmm”.

“See,” I said. “This is relaxing. It’s like having a CD of Tibetan monks chanting for our relaxation.”

The look she gave me told me she wasn’t convinced that the squeaky chants from the backseat were relaxing in any way.

“How about Tibetan chip-monks?”

And with that we realized what a stellar idea we had for a new movie starring Alvin, Simon, and Theodore….


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