The Day Off


When I realized I had a day off this week, I circled it on my calendar excitedly. A whole day off! And the boys would be in school, too! It was going to be like a vacation.

I got up early on my day off and realized the boys had their ultrasounds that morning. Oh well! It would be over in a flash! Unless it was scheduled for 10am instead of 7am.

3 hours rarely makes a large difference, unless you are under orders to not let 2 four-year-olds eat. Rain Man was especially disturbed by this and notified me he was hungry and he would like a doughnut with sprinkles every 4 seconds for THREE STRAIGHT HOURS.

After a hellish hour actually getting the ultrasounds, I rewarded the boys with breakfast at their favorite diner. Rain wanted teddy bear pancakes, Killer wanted bacon and eggs….until it got to the table. Then he wanted sausage. He refused to eat ANYTHING on his plate until I got him two sausage links to go with his meal. If it wasn’t for the fact that they were going back to school right after breakfast, I would have let him continue his eating strike. But, I like his teachers too much to send him to school hungry and crabby.

The boys were deposited at school and Foodie was picked up from a morning at her daycare (I may be a little nutty, but I am not crazy enough to try to do the big hospital-ultrasound thing alone with her in tow anymore. It’s worth paying for a half-day at daycare.)

We spent the afternoon snuggling and playing and cooking. Those 2 hours were the most relaxing of the day because, all too soon, the boys were home with more problems.

In the two hours he was gone, Killer managed to get a raging eye infection. I love conjunctivitis. Really. I do. I was considering just taking care of it at home when I realized he also had a wad of purple play-dough jammed in his ear.

So, instead of enjoying a quiet evening at home with the family, I was in the doctor’s office watching a 1st year resident try  to dig chunks of purple gunk out of my kid’s ear.

Well, at least we got a new bottle of eye drops out of it.

We finally got home from the blitz of doctors and ridiculously slow pharmacy lines and…it was time for bed.

I don’t want to ever have another day off. Ever.


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