Snack Time

Funny Business, parenting fail, Recipe For Disaster

I keep trying to be that awesome mom who makes ridiculously cute and healthy snacks. You know, like some kind of organic, vegan muffin that’s shaped like the Seattle Space Needle or some crap. Or those bento box lunches that have eggs shaped like bunnies and heart-shaped sandwiches. It’s food that’s so cute, you don’t want to eat it.

I want to do that!

So, I gathered some snack-like materials for the kids today.  We used snap pea puffs, clementines, and raisins. Somehow, I ended up with…

The undead?


It appears to be a zombie hand emerging from it’s fresh and citrusy grave.

That won’t give the kids nightmares, will it?

It was supposed to be a flower.


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