Color Me Good

Funny Business

Peter is ridiculously in to super heroes right now.

But, I am a liberal, peace-loving hippie. I even eat quinoa. I don’t appreciate guns or violent play so, I try to steer the kids away from most traditional super heroes. Sure, they still think Batman is awesome and he isn’t forbidden in the house or anything, but I like to try to add some nicer heroes to the mix.

Instead of letting the kids have coloring books with all the traditional action dudes then, I try to come up with ridiculous, non-violent super heroes for them to enjoy. We tell stories about them and the kids like them just as much as they do Thor. (Well, that might be a stretch. Thor DOES have a giant hammer, after all…)

So, today I would like to share one of our latest heroes. Captain Cupcake wages the war against evil-doers by handing out delicious baked goods. Because, really, who doesn’t like getting a free cupcake? That will sweeten anyone’s disposition. Also, he is one of the leaders in the fight against world hunger. If anyone can make a cupcake delicious, healthy, and world peace-inspiring, it’s Captain Cupcake!

Download his picture, print it off, and enjoy coloring Captain Cupcakes with your favorite 4 year old!

Captain Cupcakes to the RESCUE!


Silly? Yes. A little weird? Yes. Is it a free coloring page that will occupy your kiddo? Yes. You’re welcome. 😉


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