Making Bedtime Hug-a-licious


The children hate bedtime.

The other day my husband said good night to Aili and she replied with, “Good luck!”

That about sums up how well the whole routine goes for us.

So, I came up with something new tonight.

I asked the boys for hugs before bed. When they came for a hug, I smothered them in a giant bear hug and covered them with kisses. I kept on hugging until they were looking a little tired of this arrangement.

“Wanna keep hugging or do you wanna go to bed?”

“Bed!” they chirped as they wiggled out of my arms and scampered up the stairs.

Ha. I win.

But, then I made the mistake of trying that with Aili. When I asked her if she was done hugging, she said no and melted in to me, prepared to stay all night.



2 thoughts on “Making Bedtime Hug-a-licious

  1. Sorry, I’m a little behind. Just reading this. I nearly spewed coffee at the “Good Luck” comment!!!

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