A Charming Bedtime Story


Once upon a time there were two little boys named, uh, Flobert and Feeter.

Flobert and Feeter didn’t like going to bed. They liked the night life. They liked to boogie. But, as there was no disco in their house, they built elaborate villages of tiny trains and cars. With mirror balls. And polyester. Let’s groove tonight.

One night, Flobert and Feeter were avoiding the call of sleep. They had been avoiding it for many hours and their mother was getting pretty sick and biscuit-eating tired of marching up the stairs, demanding they return to their beds, turning out the lights and shutting the door firmly and authoritatively because she was in charge, peas and rice!

The boys used their misguided and boundless energy to sneak out of their room and come downstairs. They silently crept down the stairs so their mother would not hear them and drag them unceremoniously back to their bed chambers.

They peeked around the corner and in to the living room where they were promptly eaten by a bear.

Go to bed.

Good night.

I mean it.

That goes for you, too,…Flili.


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