MRI Results!


Well, we finally got back the results on the MRI that Robert had a couple of weeks ago. Things look good!

They said that his enlarged pancreas is…just an enlarged pancreas. (Guess how much I wish someone could have told us that without the circus that was trying to get Robert sedated and in the MRI thing.) So, that’s super.

But, now they are looking suspiciously at Peter and stroking their beards in deep thought, asking if he should maybe have an MRI too. Just in case. To torture me. For funsies.

So, going forward we will probably have another MRI adventure, but hopefully not before Ann Arbor Adventure 2: Electric Bugaloo. (Coming the last week of February! Puke!)

In conclusion, Robert has a large organ. And that’s okay. And the twins turn 5 (5!!!) on Monday so, we are having a party this weekend. Woohoo!


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