Happy Birthday!


Today is Robert and Peter’s 5th birthday. I have a hard time that it’s been five years since they were here:

Robert on the left, Peter screaming his head off

And now they are 5. FIVE years old!

I could go on all day writing in fragments and getting nostalgic and weepy about how fast my little boys are growing but, I will spare you and talk about their party instead.

They had their big party with friends and family on Saturday. And, I have to admit, I am a little bit psychotic about parties.

My husband is looking over my shoulder and questioning how I came to the conclusion that I am just a “little bit” psychotic.


I like to plan parties, but they have to be JUST SO and and I maybe, kind of, possibly get just a smidgen high strung.


Doesn’t everyone look like this when they make fondant? No?

The night before the party I went on a baking frenzy and made cakes, breads, and even forced my husband to create a veggie pizza to my exacting demands. Hey, if the toppings don’t go right up to the edges, it’s just not right. Who wants the corner piece if they see it’s only got half the toppings as a middle piece? Am I seriously the only one who cares about these things? (My husband is nodding frantically. Whatever.)

I slept very little and got up the next day to finish dipping marshmallows in white chocolate and sprinkles for favors and to prepare little sandwiches and to freak out at anyone who dared to step foot in my kitchen.

I foolishly promised the boys I would make them peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for their party. Even more foolishly, I decided to cut them out in to cutesy little shapes like dinosaurs and cars. The boys were watching me do this and suddenly they were starving to death. The only thing that could possibly satiate their hunger was a sandwich shaped like an airplane.  I offered them regular sandwiches cut diagonally in a sad attempt to save the cut-outs for the party. You would have thought I offered them flaming bags of dog poo.  So, the next hour or so involved me trying to protect the sandwiches while they tried every stealth maneuver they could think of to sneak in to the kitchen and get closer to those coveted sandwiches.

I think my favorite was when Robert told me he had to come in the kitchen because he had to go to the bathroom. The kitchen is in absolutely NO way en route to either of the bathrooms in the house. Nice. Try.

At noon I transported the food and cakes to the lodge next to the sledding hill. (Brandon took the kids in a separate vehicle. I couldn’t imagine all that food and the kids in one car without disaster striking.) We reserved the lodge so we could have a nice sledding party. I apparently forgot that this is Michigan and it’s beyond cold in February. So, the weather didn’t allow for a whole lot of sledding at the party, but we did make good use of the fireplace and log tables that were the perfect height for 5 year olds to jump from.

I ran around like a chicken with my head cut off for most of the party, only pausing to sneak Doritos and make sure the boys saw they got exactly what they wanted for their cakes.

For some reason, cakes are a BIG deal to me. (Despite what my husband thinks, they are a bigger deal than the veggie pizzas.) I think it’s because my mother made me a cake in the shape of a rabbit for my birthday one year when I was little and that really stuck with me as the coolest thing ever. So, even though I am in no way a cake decorator, I painstakingly try to make the cakes as they request them.

This year Robert wanted a blueberry and vanilla cake with Belle the train on top.

Note the ridiculous amount of powdered sugar around the cake. It looked like a crack house in my kitchen. “Mise en place” is translated to “mess at my place” if you ask me.

Peter, on the other hand, wanted a chocolate and raspberry cake that had Spiderman webs on it. I was not entirely sure what he meant by that so, I did all the writing and embellishments in white chocolate so they looked…web-ish.

He agreed it looked like Spiderman webs so, mission accomplished.

The boys were thrilled with their cakes and had a blast blowing out the candles, opening presents, and eventually going outside to sled for a little while.

Things were going great!

But, I may had cheated on my diet a little bit at the party. My excuse is when I get stressed out, I will eat anything that presents itself in front of my face. A turkey dog, some cheese dip, and a fair amount of chocolate frosting definitely presented itself. Now, that wouldn’t have been a problem were it not for the fact that I can’t eat ANY of that stuff. (I am on a gluten-free, vegan diet for allergy issues.) So, I got a headache and stomachache almost immediately. And then I fell asleep. I can only imagine my body decided to shut down to spare me the pain (and there was a fair bit of post-party exhaustion going on, too) because I literally slept from 5:30pm Saturday until 8:00am Sunday. I didn’t even think that was possible.

The boys are still glowing from their fun party and they tell everyone detailed recaps of events so, I think we can call it a success.

Happy Birthday, sweet boys! I love you so much! Next year Momma promises to stay away from the hot dogs. And I might even let you in the kitchen. Well, probably not. Baby steps, guys. Baby steps.


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