Family Trees


Children grow up really fast. I know I need to enjoy them when they are little but, it seems that the only time someone tells me to appreciate the kids when they are young is when all three of them are having a nuclear meltdown in the middle of Target. Gnashing of teeth, throwing of shoes type tantrums. Frankly, I don’t want to hear it at that point and I firmly believe than any little old lady who chooses THAT moment to strike up the “you are so blessed to have three little shrieking demons” conversation should be put in a home.

Shady Pines, lady. Shady Pines.

That said, with the boys turning five, I decided we needed to do something to commemorate what our family looks like right now. I’ve done the whole portrait thing. It’s a painful experience. It usually yields a few ridiculous pictures worthy of mention on the Awkward Family Photo website. But, no. Not this time.

When the boys were babies, I did their handprints in clay. It is one of my favorite keepsakes because their hands were so itty bitty. Their itty bitty hands have turned in to big ol’ paws, so I decided to do a little twist on that and make family trees. It turned out really cute so, I am going to share my “recipe” so you can give it a whirl with your little ones.

Mom, Aili, Dad, Peter, Robert

We got a large canvas and acrylic paint in brown, light green, and dark green. Everyone did a handprint on the canvas and then was ushered out of the kitchen to wash up while I filled in the empty spots with brown paint and made “trunks” on our hands. After the tree trunks were dried, we dipped our fingers in the green paints and made leaves on our trees. Add the year and a frame and VOILA!

Instant keepsake!

If you make trees, take a picture and send it to me! I would love to see how you creative people take this idea and run with it.


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