We’re Back!


We’re back and we didn’t blow off the Mackinac Bridge!

It was a little iffy for a while, but we did made it!

It was quite a week, to say the least.

I learned some interesting things:

1. 98% of non-Yoopers absolutely panic when there is snow on the road. And they end up in the ditch. Backwards.

2. Peter can sleep ANYWHERE if he’s tired enough.

3. Robert is faking his fear of water during swim lessons. That kid got in the hotel pool so fast, it wasn’t funny.

4. I NEED a GPS to travel. NEED.

5. 4 days away from Aili wasn’t enough. She snuck in to my bed last night and I woke up this morning with her staring up at me, doing her best impression of a sea lamprey.


We’ll get back to these learning experiences on Monday when I am less sleep-drunk. 😛



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