Ann Arbor: Day 1


The night before the big trip, we had a sleep over at my parents’ house. (It’s a block from the car rental place and 15 minutes closer to our destination. For some reason, that makes all the difference to me.) I, again, made the mistake of bunking with Robert. The toasty warmth of sleeping with Mom always results in Mom getting peed on. I really should know better.

The morning of we got up early and saw snow cascading from the sky. Nothing starts a road trip off better than heavy snow and slippery roads, right?

At least THEY were excited...

So, we had a snowy and uneventful drive through the Upper Peninsula. We arrived at St. Ignace just in time for lunch and made our ritual stop at the Mc Donald’s that has a cool play land before continuing over the bridge.

Were I not driving, I would have gotten some spectacular pictures on the bridge.

This is not spectacular.

The ice in the Straits was being broken up by a coast guard cutter as we were going over the bridge and, let me tell you, it was amazing to see. The inky black water between the white ice floe (is it a floe or just inconvenient chunks?) had such cool patterns. But, in an interest to not die on the Mackinac Bridge, I put the phone away and just drove.

I somehow convinced the kids we were Β “almost there” for the next 4.5 hours and we drove through the lower peninsula without any stops.

Pro-tip: if you hit a slushy spot on the interstate, don’t slam on your brakes. Apparently I was one of the few people who knew that because cars were sprinkled all over in the snowbanks.

Now that I have gotten the high-and-mighty driving bit out of the way, I can tell you how I got lost on a straight road.

I printed off directions from Google the night before. (That’s always how this starts for me.) And then I promptly ignored them until I was pretty far in to the middle of Michigan. I know how to get out of the UP, but remembering what exit to take to get to the right part of Ann Arbor….not so much.

Well, I failed to notice that my Google map had me going on I75 when I was taking the other route. (27? 127? 23? Whatever. It was the other way to go south in Michigan.)

So, I glanced at the map that told me I should be going east at the next tangle of entrances and exits. I am pretty forgetful so, that didn’t sound too unusual. I knew eventually I had to turn somewhere and do something. So, I went east.

Now, I am sure Pontiac is lovely this time of year but, that was definitely not where I wanted to be. I eventually got myself turned around by calling home and using my husband as a remote GPS.

We did eventually make it to Ann Arbor where I would get completely lost only one more time (on this day). But, the rest of this day gets a little involved so, look for that story on Wednesday. πŸ˜‰


3 thoughts on “Ann Arbor: Day 1

    1. WTG Hubster for navigating her safely in. My DH has done the same on frequent occasion. And BTW, the hubby’s voice is the one we most prefer on our gps, despite all our jokes about Pitt, Clooney or Freeman.

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