Ann Arbor Day 1, Part 2


Sometime after 5 pm, we rolled in to town. I have never been so blissed out to see a hotel lobby in my life.

We trekked up to our room and I asked the kids what they wanted for dinner as I scooted in to the bathroom for a desperately needed potty break. By the time I got out of the bathroom, they had stripped out of their clothes, thrown on their swim trunks, and were jumping on the beds ecstatically.

So, you’re not hungry yet?

I took them down to the pool and they were in heaven. They splashed and swam and had an excellent time.

I get a little weird around pools, though. I was a lifeguard for many years so, I obsessively check for the rescue hooks and backboard. I don’t so much watch my children play as I am too busy scanning the pool for trouble. In my head, I am 100% ready to make a dramatic rescue.

But, this is a tiny hotel pool and we all know that’s never going to happen, right?


A family with approximately 500 children joined us at the pool. Their kids showed mine all sorts of tricks like how to spin around while jumping in the pool. Outstanding.

Well, I was sitting in the hot tub with my guys when I noticed their littlest one in the middle of the pool. She couldn’t have been any older than 2. Her father was standing in the pool about ten feet away and her mother was sitting on the side of the pool talking to another child. And the little girl was in the pool alone. Drowning.

I ran over to the pool, scooped her up, and then looked at her mother.

“Can she swim?”

The mother was shocked and just shook her head ‘no’. I gave her the little girl and she wrapped her up in a towel. I think both the parents were completely surprised that anything was amiss. The little girl looked terrified. Poor thing!

Not many people have seen a person drowning but, it doesn’t look like it does on TV. No one is shouting for help or splashing wildly. A drowning person is using all their energy to keep their head above water. This little girl had just been poking head head up for air and then going under quietly. Silently! He father was RIGHT THERE and he didn’t see or hear this. I am not saying they were neglectful. This happens fast. And it can happen to anyone. Little kids love water and she just hopped right in without understanding the danger. They didn’t know what to look for and just didn’t see it. It’s really a Worst Nightmare situation.

I strongly suggest all parents take a water safety class or even just watch some videos of drownings. (Here is a decent article and video.) This situation had a happy ending but, what if there WASN’T another set of trained eyes there? I don’t want to see this happen to anyone else. A close call is scary enough!

PSA over.

After our pool fiasco, the boys were ravenous. So, I asked them what they wanted.

Burritos and pizza.

Well, they could have asked for worse. And I knew there was a little strip mall near us that had a pizza-by-the-slice store and a Moe’s Southwest Grill. We don’t have a Moe’s up here so, I was VERY motivated to find it. VERY.

Unfortunately, it’s been a while since I was in Ann Arbor and it was dark and….I have a poor sense of direction. You can see where this is going.

We drove for close to 45 minutes, getting lost all over Ann Arbor. This strip mall ended up being, embarrassingly, one left turn and a quarter mile of driving from our hotel. Yeah. I have the worst sense of direction on the planet.

But, we got our Moe’s!

It was SO worth it.


4 thoughts on “Ann Arbor Day 1, Part 2

      1. I think our marriage combinations must be frighteningly similar. My husband is a geek. Love my geek.

  1. How scary, I’m so glad you rescued her. Did the parents know she almost drowned? Or did they think you were just some stranger reprimanding them for not watching their daughter closely enough? Thank goodness you were there! My heart raced reading that.

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