Ann Arbor Day 2


Our second day in Ann Arbor was our fun day. We didn’t have anything medical to do during the day so, we spent it exploring.

We started off in the pool, again. Robert talks a big talk of being scared of the pool but, does THIS look scared:


I am keeping this as evidence so when he goes to swim lessons next week and starts whining, I will have ammo.

After swimming until pruned, we packed up our things and headed out to explore the town.

I wasn’t quite brave enough to bring them to the mall as our short lunch in Whole Foods was a big enough drain on my patience.  So, we ended up in what has become a bit of a tradition.

The Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum is a pretty awesome place. Here in the UP we have a fantastic children’s museum so, I have pretty high standards. (Unless you have a digestive tract slide that makes fart noises when you fly out the end, you really can’t compare to the UP Children’s Museum in fun-ness.)

This was our third visit to the Hands-On Museum and I was surprised to find things I had missed on our first two trips. Even the things we were familiar with were still fun for the boys. They raced around and got their energy out (mostly).

As we were leaving, the boys convinced me to let them look around the gift shop. I knew what was coming.

The robot grabbers.

Every time we go to this museum, the kids COVET these little plastic pinchers. You control a lever on one end of it and it moves the claw at the other to pick things up. (I thought the technical term for these sorts of objects was “Granny Grabbers” because of their popularity with the elderly who can’t reach stuff without assistance. I could be definitely wrong.)

Well, they were pretty cheap so, I finally caved and let them get their grabbers. I figured they were cheap plastic things and wouldn’t last long enough to really irritate me.

Ha. They are clearly made of titanium that is just painted to look like plastic because they are never going to break. Ever. For the next 2 days I had to endure the boys grabbing each other and random people on the street with those stupid things.

Cr-r-r-r-r-r-ck! Every. Stinking. Time. That. Claw. Closes. Let’s just say that if I find the person who designed this toy, there will be trouble. I had to listen to those claws clattering and clacking for 8 straight hours in a small car.





One thought on “Ann Arbor Day 2

  1. Ha HA HA ! My grandchildren LOVE those things! They are always trying to steal my “Granny Grabber” (aka “The ghetto grabber” because it has been duct taped…. to keep it alive). The Robot ones don’t pick up much, but they sure are great for pinching! Sounds like you all had a blast:)

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