One of those Days

Funny Business

Have your ever had one of those days?

You know the kind. You wake up late and are told there is a birthday party the kids want to go to that very afternoon so you have to figure out how to get ready for work, stop at the store, and drop off the littlest child at daycare in about 3.5 seconds. I hope that kid likes bubbles and chalk because that was what was closest to the checkout.

It was one of those days where ridiculous things happened at work. Where people were driving in to the side of the building and attempting to serenade the staff with stange blues music on a guitar. That sounds like a ridiculous over-exaggeration of my work day. It isn’t.

And then it became one of those days where your son hits your daughter in the face with a piece of lumber, causing visions of dentistry bills go flashing though your head. (She is fine now and he’s grounded now, but at the time there was much crying and bleeding and “Show me your mouth, honey. I need to count your teeth again!”-ing.)

You’ve never had a day like that?


You want to?


I need a vacation.


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