Organizationally Challenged

parenting fail

I have always heard that there are two types of people. Organized, meticulous, fastidious type A people and free-spirited, unorganized, artsy people are the type B people. I picture type A ladies in business suits and type B’s in tie dye. The popular culture has really rammed that one in to my brain, hey? Apparently it started as a way to determine how likely it was that you were going to have a coronary. Weird.

I draw a lot and my house looks like a hurricane went through it. And no one has ever accused me of being anal retentive, that’s for sure. And I am reasonably sure I haven’t had an infarction yet.

So, yeah. I am pretty sure that if this “type” thing is legit, I am definitely a type B.

Well, I really want to be more of the stereotype of a type A person. I want my house to be full of clever, organized things in little toile baskets like on Pinterest. (I have a secret belief that every single picture of organized interior design is a fraud. That person spent 45 days making on corner off the house adorable, but the rest of the home looks like it was eaten by a pack of dogs. Seriously. I believe this. It helps me sleep at night.) I want to take an interest in de-cluttering. You won’t see us on Hoarders any time soon, but there sure are a lot of toy trains in my living room…

I decided I want to be somewhere in the middle of the A and B personalities. Take the good characteristics of both and apply them to my housekeeping, my parenting, my…whatever else it is I would be doing if I had freetime… More cleaning, less heart attacking.

I’ve coined this (in my head) and a B Flat Personality.

If you are a non-musician, this might not make immediate sense. Allow me to explain. Poorly. Notes on a musical scale are named with letters of the alphabet. A, B, C, etc. But, there isn’t just an A and a B. There is a note between them in western music. (Some other cultures have even more notes stuck in there but, that really complicates this so… let’s pretend I didn’t say anything about them.) The note between A and B is B Flat.  (Or A Sharp….enharmonic spellings will REALLY complicate this. I didn’t say that, either.)

So, I want to be a B Flat. It’s between A and B and is, arguably, one of the most important notes. Your first scale started with it, you’ve probably even tuned to it, all the easy music is in that key…. It’s a pretty awesome note to be.

In an effort to B Flat (Ha. Puns.) I went over to and downloaded the Master Weekly Checklist to help us with our cleaning. Sometimes certain husbands forget that certain chores don’t complete themselves by magic and I can also break down chores in to smaller portions so I don’t feel overwhelmed. The kids like checking things off checklists so, they will even get involved (until the novelty wears off, then they might need some encouraging…)

Here’s to spring cleaning, turning over a new leaf and retaining enough of my music minor to craft an almost coherent metaphor!

Are you a type A, B Flat, or B personality?


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