Sick and Tired


The past week or so has been insane! The weather up here is beyond unseasonable and it’s almost making me wonder if those Mayans were on to something about 2012. Usually at this time of year we are still shoveling snow and battling icy rain. This year we have had a stretch of record-breaking days in the 70’s, all the snow is gone, and (since the ice has melted off the lake) people are even attempting to go swimming OUTSIDE.

This REALLY never happens in Upper Michigan.

I know we will pay for this weather somehow (Snow in June? The whole place bursting in to flames by July?) but, it sure is enjoyable to be able to play outside.

The boys have capitalized on this by staying outside every waking, non-school moment and looking like homeless mud people by dinner.

But, we can’t have a perfect situation, of course. Poor Aili has spent this whole warm spell sick as a dog. She’s been miserable with a double ear infection and a high fever. And when she doesn’t feel well and can’t sleep, no one can feel well or sleep.

Her fever was getting so out of control, we took her in to the doctor late Monday night. She got some more medication and a prediction that she would be well by this weekend.

You know, right when they are predicting the weather will turn cold and snowy again. Of course.


2 thoughts on “Sick and Tired

  1. Ahhhh man. Nothing worse than a sick baby. Hope she feels better in time for the colder weather. 🙂

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