Funny Business, parenting fail

My mother is amazing. She’s very smart, funny, and usually wise….but sometimes I question her judgement just a smidgen.

Yesterday we were at my parents’ house to visit. This kids completely lose their minds when they go there because she always has special snacks, beds to jumps on, different toys to play with, and satellite TV. Going to Grandma’s is pretty sweet.

I was taking advantage of the satellite TV when I heard my mother in the kitchen. “You’ve got to see this! Come here!”

So, I walk over to the kitchen and see this:

What the...?

Uh, that would be my three children, in various states of undress, playing with a footbath that is on “high” and pouring out soap bubbles.

My mother thought this would be a good idea. Seriously. The kids didn’t suggest it or start it. She did this.

The bubbles spread far and wide in the kitchen. The kids eventually all got completely naked and started having a nude Slip-n-slide-type party on the linoleum. Soaped up, naked children were sailing through the room, running in to cupboards and squealing with ecstasy.

It was no easy feat to clean up that kitchen after the party ended. But, like all good Grandmas, she hyped them up, gave them some sugar, and sent them home. Her floors were scrubbed clean by soapy toddler butt, so, I guess she really won this round.

I, however, will be the loser here. The kids keep asking when we are going to play with soap in OUR kitchen. And I have this feeling that someday soon I am going to walk in there and see they have started the party without me. Using ketchup.



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