Good Morning, Sunshine!


It’s spring break, but everyone was obligated to get up at the crack of dawn today for a dental appointment that is, apparently, at 4 in the morning. (Or perhaps it just feels like that…)

The morning started when I gently reminded my husband it was time to get up by pitching him out of the bed. He promptly took to the task of trying to remember how to pour cereal as I calmed the pterodactyl that emerged from Aili’s room. She was speaking completely in squawks and grunts so, I figured it was in our best interest to keep her pacified.

“Good morning, Aili!”


“…Okay. Would you like some cereal?”


So, I sat with her on the couch while the boys ate breakfast. If I looked at her, she would squawk so, I just stared at the wall and hoped for the best.

And, by “ate breakfast” I mean, Robert ate breakfast while Peter stared blankly at his bowl, struggling to remember what he was supposed to be doing with it. Like father, like son.

After a few minutes of staring, Peter pelted in to the living room, dove on to the couch, and promptly fell asleep. Once Robert finished his cereal, he joined his brother on the couch. He had taken a blanket from his bed and he was burrowed in to it like an angry woodland creature.  Then, of course, there was Aili. Dinosaur Train tells me creatures such as her like fish so, when I offered her cereal again, I can only assume she was hoping I would make her a herring instead. That explains the unhappy grunts she was making.

I managed to get Aili dressed without much fanfare. Pterodactyls just LOVE sweaters with happy little kitties on them. And, the sweater helped her start to transition to human. She pottered in to the kitchen and started munching on her cereal after she was securely in the sweater. She had no pants on but, I wasn’t about to split hairs at this point. After she finished hers, she started on Peter’s cereal. And the crumbs of Robert’s cereal. That’s my girl.

Robert decided that three human children was too tall of an order for this house so, he went full badger when it was time to get off the couch.   He fought, kicked, bit, and made badger-like noises when he was drawn out of his cozy blanket-den. He confuses badgers with groundhogs so, when he saw his shadow, he thought he deserved 6 more weeks of sleep. Dressing him when he is unwilling is very similar to dressing a rabid badger so, I will let you just imagine how well that went for all of us.  I want leather animal-handling gloves for my birthday.

Peter woke up for real around the same time Robert had his badger fit and started running around the house like a maniac. He wanted to eat, brush his teeth, build a better mousetrap… He’s either “on” or “off”. Always.

Just about as soon as the kids were dressed, it was time to go to the dentist. Daddy was loading kids in to the car when I made a big mistake.

“Robert, why are you wearing Aili’s socks?”

Apparently Daddy had put those on him and Robert had not noticed he was wearing light pink stockings until I foolishly mentioned it.

While I think breaking glass with the power of your voice is a super cool trick, I don’t much appreciate my son practicing that trick at dawn because of his socks.

Lesson learned. Never mention the socks. Got it.



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