Dad Guest Blog #2

Funny Business, Husbandisms

My wife told me I had to write a guest article today.  So I am.

She usually writes in the early morning (and you were probably at a loss, wondering about the lack of an update) but I was still feeling woozy when I got up on account of the various cold medications still coursing through my veins.  That would have been an interesting article but for altogether different reasons…

The preschool where I work is on spring break right now.  So I get to be home all day with the children.   Par-taaaayyyy!   Woooooooooooooo!!!!

I get to sleep in!   All the way to 7:30 sometimes!

I get to arbitrate interminable day-long disputes over the frequency and nature of snacking!  (Apparently they feel the need to fill the sudden void in their lives with handfuls of cereal or pretzels or wheat chips or whatever else they try to grab whenever they think I’m not looking.)

I get to become intimately familiar with children’s programming (although I’ve instituted a firm Caillou ban)!

I get to enjoy the many benefits of not having an opportunity to bathe until the wife comes home!  (see:  snacking issue, above.)

I get to sit outside in rather chilly weather and shout at them to stay out of the road for only the 307th time!  (They say they don’t have hearing problems, but…)

I get to hone my cook-things-out-of-a-box skills!

I get to be productive and focus on finishing interesting and longstanding web design and music projects, some of which have deadlines looming!  Haha.  Just kidding.

Ok.  Spring “break” can be over now.


Keep up with the music projects I *do* manage to finish at

My not-funny-but-nevertheless-interesting blog is here


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