Sometimes Easter horrifies me. All I can envision is packed churches and enough sugar to send a normal person in to a coma. (Perhaps it’s irrational, but it really bothers me when all the Chreasters come out to church. You know? They are only there for Christmas and Easter. I know, I should have a more charitable heart about it but, THEY ARE IN MY PEW. We don’t take kindly to change, mmk?)

Also, the kids don’t really understand Easter yet and they firmly believe Jesus rose from the grave to hide eggs and give them sugar-coated marshmallow bunnies. I saw nothing about this in the book of John but, trying to argue with them ends like most theological discussions between people of vastly differing beliefs. No one has changed their opinion, everyone is mad, and someone’s thrown a Veggie Tales DVD at my head.

But, this Easter was a good one despite the massive sugar shock and theological confusion. The boys had lots of fun with family, ate more ham than is generally advisable, and got new bicycles.

They outgrew their old ones so, my parents decided to surprise them with new bikes for Easter. We set up an elaborate egg hunt to get them to find the letters B-I-K-E. Once they put the word together and sounded it out, they raced downstairs to the garage to see their new bikes.

Peter, of course, took to his shiny, orange bike in seconds. He’s been riding without training wheels for over a year so, I knew he would just hop on and go. Robert, on the other hand, has never been on a two-wheeled bike. He was afraid of his old one and never rode it. It doesn’t help that he has one leg longer than the other and has a hard time balancing. But, this bike was shiny, new, and had training wheels on it.

To my amazement, he hopped right on it and started riding! I’ve never been so proud! He loved his bike and the training wheels gave him that extra boost of confidence to actually ride. Experts say training wheels don’t help kids ride, but they were just what Robert needed to finally get him on a bicycle.

(And, I am not ignoring Aili. She’s a little too young for a bike so, she was handed-down a tricycle and lots of new, pink princess items to go with it. She was more jazzed about the new dress Grandma made her, though.)

After dinner, we took an all-family bike ride and run. Daddy and I ran, Aili relaxed in her jogging stroller, and the boys took to the trails on their new bikes. We even acquired a dog for the occasion to make it extra awesome. (A Jack Russell terrier who lived right by the bike path got off his chain, adopted us, and ran with us the whole time. After we were done, we brought him home….grudgingly. He was really cute…) We ran through the woods and saw birds, lakes, a few abandoned front-end loaders (this IS the UP, remember?), and most importantly, big smiles on the kids’ faces.

I guess I can deal with the chocolate bunnies turning my kids in to little sugar demons when my day ends so nicely.




2 thoughts on “Easter

  1. He he – I hear you! I struggle with that theological dilemma myself, but have finally given in and trust that my gks will get it in time, just like I did and my kids did. Sounds like you had a wonderful Resurrection Sunday! Angie

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