The Hunger Games


Robert has very specific needs when it comes to breakfast. Mainly, he has to be the one requesting it.

He loves pancakes, but when I made them without his provoking, he threw a fit and cried his eyes out for oatmeal. But, I know if I make oatmeal, he will only want pancakes. Or eggs. Or cereal. Or….any breakfast food we are currently out of.

Our usually full pantry is currently devoid of oats. So, you can just guess what Robert has been begging for all week.

Oooo boy….

And tat is ow we are going to end. Aili did someting to my keyboard just now and I an’t make te letters “sea”, te one after u, and te all important letter diretly next to g on te keyboard.

Tere was more to tis story, I promise you. But typing wit a lisp is a little awkward.


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