Look out, preschool. Here comes Aili!


Aili had her preschool screening yesterday. It was fun for her and a heap of anxiety for me. My inner dialog was pretty psychotic, I’m not going to lie.

Oh God, don’t embarrass me. Please just stack those blocks for the lady. If you don’t stack blocks they are going to make a note of your file that says, “Worst Mother Ever – didn’t teach daughter to make a tower”. Please cooperate and play nice! Oh God…

Aili was very cooperative, for the most part and didn’t make me look like a giant heap of failure. But, she is a strong-willed little peanut.

The test they were giving her (What is this? A toddler IQ test? I am still not sure.) Involved asking her questions to see how much she knows. At one point they asked her to identify parts of her body. She correctly showed them her head, stomach, thumbs, nose, and teeth. But, then she was asked to show the proctor her toes.


Oh God. She knows where her toes are! SHOW THEM YOUR TOES. Three year olds know where their toes are. She knows this! They are going to think I have never played “This Little Piggy” with her. Who never plays that?! Bad moms, that’s who. They are going to write, “Aili is clearly neglected. Can’t find toes.”

“I think they are in your shoes, ” hinted the proctor. “Are they there?”

“Yes,” said Aili.


“But, I’m not takin’ off my shoes,” she huffed.

Oh. The diva is here. I forgot about that.

“Just point to the toes, Aili,” I suggested.

“NO!” she shrieked. “I don’t want to! I like my shoes.”

Trying to tell her we could figure out she meant toes even if she showed us the tip of her shoe was like asking Superman to have just a little Kryptonite. It wasn’t going to fly.

So, the lady didn’t check off the box that confirmed Aili knew where her toes were. Though, I think the fight to remove shoes is proof enough she knew they were in there but chose to keep them unexposed. (Those sparkly Mary Jane shoes are just TOO CUTE to remove. She should have known better than to even ask Princess Aili something like that.)  And, I peeked at her form enough to see that no one wrote any colorful commentary on my parenting. Yet.  And, despite not showing off her tootsies, Aili passed her screening with very high marks and was welcomed in to next year’s preschool class.



2 thoughts on “Look out, preschool. Here comes Aili!

  1. This confuses me SO much! There is a test to get into preschool? I don’t remember that at all! Is this one of those schools where they’re teaching violin to 4-year olds?

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