The Sleeping Bag


During Aili’s preschool assessment this week, she did a lot of picture identification. The pictures were those stock, hand-drawn picture that have been in heavy circulation in schools since the 1970’s. The picture of child who was running in the rain was rocking some pretty sweet bellbottoms and a cardigan that can only be described as “bitchin'”.

Some of the pictures, however, weren’t so awesome or detailed. They were just crude illustrations of household items. One in particular caught Aili’s attention.

It was purple, which is currently her favorite color, and it was huge. The purple object covered an entire page of the picture book. This was what it looked like:

A terrifyingly accurate reproduction of the picture, created in MS Paint. That's some hardcore graphic manipulation, people...

“Aili, what is this?” asked the proctor, pointing to the picture.

“Ummm,” started Aili, looking confused. “It’s a sleeping bag?”

Now, we have never even considered going camping so, I was a little impressed she knew sleeping bags existed.

“No, no,” said the proctor. “What does Mama drink her coffee out of?”

Please don’t say, “Straight from the pot” or “A bucket” or “She takes it in IV form”…

“A coffee cup,” replied Aili.

We praised her for a correct answer but, she kept going.

“That’s not a good coffee cup,” she grumped at the picture.

That’s my girl. You appreciate an accurate illustration and hate MS Paint. Good girl.



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