That’s Awkward


To anyone who things I am just an awkward mom, I am more than that. I am an extremely awkward person. Case in point:

This weekend the choir I sing with was having a concert. They are very particular about dress so, I knew I needed to be in all-black, or I needed to just pretend I got run over by a bus and stay home. Right before the concert, I realized my black tights had been mauled by a child. (Who taught the kids to dress like ninjas? Seriously.) So, I ran to the store to pick up a replacement.

I knew I was cutting it kind of close so, I decided to put the tights on in the car. I wiggled and wrenched them on as best as one can do while trying to avoid being impaled by a steering column. I finally got them hiked up all the way when I looked straight out the windshield.

There was a teenaged boy sitting in the passenger seat of the car directly across from me, staring with wide eyes.

Oh, for the love of…

I went to quickly drive away in embarrassment when I realized I had left the keys on the hood of my car. So, I had to do a walk of shame to get my keys off the hood, knowing that kid is still staring at me, possibly in horror.

Then I sped off and prayed never to see him ever again. Ever. Again.

So, see? I am just like that. It’s not just my parenting style! I am not sure if I should be proud or sad right now…


5 thoughts on “That’s Awkward

  1. Let’s see. You have your tights story. Liesl has her falling-off-the-risers story. All in all?…I think I made out pretty well this weekend. Hehehe.

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