Work Out More!


I was relaxing on the couch with the boys the other night when Robert put his head on my stomach and put one hand under my shirt.

“Hey Peter! Feel this!” he said as he started rubbing my Twin Skin. (It you’ve ever had a large baby or twins, you know that I mean. It’s that flappy belly skin that make plastic surgeons’ eyes turn in to dollar signs.)

Peter stuck his hand under my shirt and started kneading my stomach like I was a ball of bread dough.

“Whoa!” he said in amazement. “Awesome!”

The boys continued giving me the over-zealous Buddha treatment for a few minutes. It was all fun and games until Robert said, “I love your fat belly. It’s so soft and squishy!”

As soon as they went to bed, I went for a three mile run. Thanks for the motivation, boys!



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