Yesterday was Aili’s birthday party. She doesn’t technically turn three until the 8th, but I have no intention of splitting hairs when cake and ice cream is involved.

We did a simple party at home with pizza, cake, ice cream, and noisemakers with butterflies on them. As parties go, there wasn’t a whole lot to this one. Aili doesn’t have a lot of friends her age yet so, I didn’t want to go all out. (That’s for next year! Ha!)

When Robert saw the table with the noisemakers and the pizza he looked up at me and said in amazement, “This is the BEST party EVER.”

“Even better than your birthday party?” I asked, remembering the effort I put in to renting out a cabin, building a campfire, dipping marshmallows in white chocolate and sprinkles so they matched the balloons, making little sandwiches shaped like dinosaurs for their friends, etc, etc….

“Yeah,” he said in amazement.

I guess it really goes to show that the amount of effort I put in to a party really is lost on the kids. My 2-minute almond brittle was just as exciting as the hand-dipped marshmallow favors. And Jiffy Pop…well, that’s more exciting than anything I could have made from scratch, apparently. A party is a party and being there with the friends, family, and cake is all that really matters to them. So, it’s kind of sweet in a way. (Still, a little frustrating. I spent HOW long setting up a build-your-own-hotdog bar?!)

Aili had an amazing time being the princess of the day. She loved her cake, her presents, and all the attention she was getting. That’s what really mattered. The birthday girl was happy. 🙂

The sassy birthday girl showing off (or eating) one of the little stamp rings she gave out as favors.


At the end of the party, we tried to get a little family picture. After all that sugar. And presents. Haaaa. This was the best one we got:

This is a Kodak moment.


Looks about normal to me…


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