My Life In 140 Characters


Sometimes Facebook can give you a rather accurate look in to someone’s life.


May 1: “Aili has figured out how to get out of doing things with one simple phrase. “I have to poop!” Doesn’t matter how invested you are in getting her socks on her. You are going to LET HER GO. Maybe it’s a false alarm. Maybe not. Do YOU want to play that game?”

May 1: “Tina, always remember: “When bedtime is missed, a toddler gets p—–d.” Aili is currently in the Sixth Circle of Overtired. Good times.”

May 2: “True fact: Princesses love blueberry pancakes.”

May 4: “Aili cried when I ask her to sit for getting her hair done so, I walked away and told her she could have her hair down. Then she cried because I didn’t put it up in pigtails. I think she is trying to get me to pull out all my own hair so there isn’t any more competition for the hair ties.”

May 4: “The 3 mile family walk/bike ride ended poorly because ROBERT HATES HILLS. Up or down, it doesn’t matter. He will grump and tell everyone they and his bike are stupid. Loudly. *sigh*”

May 6: “Oh God. Brandon is playing with Aili’s new My Little Pony dolls. I think he’s making them kiss…”

May 7: “The kids are absolutely wild tonight. Ug. If only I had a dogsled rig. I could let them pull me around town with their excessive energy. They’d like that toooooo much…”

May 7: “How many times do you think I will have to remind the children that they are, in fact, supposed to be sleeping before it sticks tonight?”

May 8: “Oh my God. I am never making bone-in poultry ever again. A direct quote from Robert (who is FIVE): “Ooh! Can I have the drumstick??? I am always careful with the bones and then I put them away in my bone collection.” It puts the Thomas pillow in the basket or else it gets the hose again?”


I either need to cut down on Facebook, or cut down on parenting because….very little of that was normal. 😉


3 thoughts on “My Life In 140 Characters

  1. Well, did YOU count all the characters I typed to see if any were over the magic 140 mark? I didn’t think so. Bum. 😛

  2. Well, looking at the dates, looks like they only drive you crazy some of the time…
    (or are there so few entries becaues you’re usually too crazed to post?)

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