The 30 Jar: No Technology Day


After the other day, I was thinking about how I could be a more tuned-in parent. So, for my second day of the 30 Jar, I actively had a No Technology Day. No cell phones, no computers, no television. I figured this would be the easiest day ever.


I am, apparently, rather attached to my laptop. I could care less about my phone or the television. I could probably give those two up permanantly without much thought. Especially that phone. Touch phones were not designed with people who have large fingers in mind.

I didn’t realize how often I would sneak over to the computer to see what was going on on Facebook or to look up a recipe or check my email. I never thought of it as interrupting my time with the kids but, it really does take out a huge chunk of my time. I didn’t even think I went online that much when I was home!

I will admit to sneaking to the computer when the kids are eating a snack or engaged in a really fierce coloring session. I never realized how much I was missing because of the call of the Internet.

I can’t promise that I will always keep the computer off during the day, but having a tech-free day has motivated me to cut down significantly.

After all, who would want to say they were too busy emailing someone and they missed this:

“I’m paintin’!”


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