Dad Guest Blog #3


It’s my 30th birthday today.  I’ve spent most of it so far vociferously insisting that I’m NOT 30 at all, but rather “second 29.”

It hasn’t caught on.  Which is a shame because I’m so not ready to be old.

Unlike my beautiful and amazing wife, I did not have the foresight to create an age 30 “bucket list”.  I’m not really sure what I would’ve put on it (“invent a viscous, ranch-based salad dressing that makes us millions” maybe), but I can’t shake the feeling that I’m not ready for this milestone yet.  I need another year at least before I’m accomplished enough to move on.

Ah, well.

One thing I can count as a huge feather in my twentysomething cap is marrying Tina.  Best. Decision.  EVER.

I proposed around Thanksgiving time in 2005 (amusing story; ask her about it sometime).  We decided to get married in a spectacular ceremony in mid-2007, but some things fell through (more amusing, or “ironically amusing” stories here) so we said “nuts to that” and got hitched up at the courthouse in 2006–between our birthdays.  Yeah….  So from the 14th to the 21st we basically do nothing but party.  We throw in a few other birthday and anniversary parties (because everyone in our family gets married in May and uncontrollably horny by August, I guess) and it’s a week long blitz of carbs and cards and gifts.

Well, ever since we got married we’ve been meaning to revisit the matter–do it up “right,”  with a priest and everything.  (Fun Sidenote:  we’re both Catholic and the Church doesn’t consider you sacrimentally married unless it’s done by a priest or you have a dispensation from the Bishop, so I guess we’ve been living in sin for the past six years.  Oopsie!)  So I “re-proposed” to Tina this past November and began planning a Marriage Blessing Mass.  It would be something simple; an intimate gathering for friends and family.

So on the 18th (our anniversary) we went down to our church and got ‘er done.  The whole thing was wonderful, but this was definitely my favorite part:


Love you, baby!


I have a website which you can visit if you’d like.  It has recordings of my music and a link to my blog.


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