Learning to Find The Humor in….Something Not Funny


I am going to be zen on my way to 30. I am. I AM.

It’s probably not a big surprise to anyone that I am little bit high strung. I have a reasonably good sense of humor, but there are a lot of things that are SERIOUS BUSINESS.

With our frequent visits to doctors and never-ending medical procedures from being awesome with Bewkwith-Wiedemann Syndrome, medical issues are my near constant source of high-strung, humorless, serious business.

Today. Today, I will make it my mission to not freak the heck out about more medical dramas.

Why would I freak out today?

I would like to present you with the transcript of my most recent conversation with our insurance provider:

Me: So, we received a bill for Peter, but that same procedure was performed for Robert at the same time, but his was covered 100%. Why wasn’t Peter’s?

Provider: We are showing he has a second insurance. They should cover it.

Me: He has no other insurance.

Provider:  Can you prove that?

Me: I…no? I mean, I guess I can call this other company and ask them to fax you something to prove we aren’t their customers but, I can’t guarantee they will do that since we, you know, aren’t their customers…

Provider: How else would you  prove it?

Me: How else can you prove something doesn’t exist? Don’t you guys have a computer program for this?


Me: Also, why would I take out insurance on only one child?

Provider: Maybe you like him more?

Me: Yeah…Now what happens with this bill? We’ve been trying to get answers for a week and the due date of the bill was yesterday.

Provider: If we discover he has no other insurance…

Me: He has no other insurance.

Provider:…we will cut a check and it will all iron out.

Me: But it will be late.

Provider: No, it won’t.

Me: The bill was due yesterday. Unless you have check-writing software AND a time machine, it will be late.

Provider: I see… Let me call you back.

Ten minutes later.

Provider: We just discovered Peter doesn’t actually have other insurance!

Me: I know. I told you that.

Provider: We’ll pay the bill now!

Me: There is a God!

Provider: And it’s not going to be late.

Me: I….can’t even argue anymore.


Normally such an exchange would send me in to a tizzy. I mean, how absurd could that really be? But, today, I am choosing to find humor in the situation. It all worked out and, honestly, it was a little funny.



3 thoughts on “Learning to Find The Humor in….Something Not Funny

  1. The thing about situations like those, is that they’re only funny after they’ve worked out. If in some unjust world where you couldn’t prove you didn’t have second insurance and had to pay that bill, it would not be funny. It would be absurd.

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