Quit Being Too Busy


As I was brain-storming for something interesting for my 30 Jar, I got exasperated and told myself I was too busy to think of something new to do or try EVERY day.

Oh really?

I can find time to cook dinner. I can find time to go for an evening run. I can even find time to veg out and watch the X Files on Netflix. But, I am too busy to do something new?


So, today (and in the future) I am going to try to reword my excuses.

I am not too busy, I just do not prioritize certain activities.

I figure this is a good motivator to stay on task because it’s pretty easy to tell a kid you are too busy to play trains, but saying you do not find playtime to be a priority because checking Facebook for the 5,000th time is more important….

Yeah, that’s not easy to do and it makes you feel like a heel.

So, today I am not busy. But, I do have tasks to do and some are more important than others.

(Giving my children big, sloppy, embarrassing hugs as they get on the bus is at the top of that list.)


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