A Lost Tooth!


I hope everyone had a most enjoyable Memorial Day.  We took the day off to enjoy a parade of service members, a cookout, and something I can put in my 30 Jar.


Robert lost a tooth!  Yes, I know. This is more about him than me, but it was super exciting for me because this is the first naturally lost tooth for the kids! (Peter has the distinction of having the first lost tooth, but his was due to an accident and had to be removed by a dentist.)

Of course, if you listen to Robert’s telling of the story, it is all my fault. He has a foam football in his mouth a couple days ago and I yanked it out. He swears up and down that his tooth was not loose until I did that so, it is definitely my fault. I gave my mother a similar guilt trip at that age when she accidentally hit me in the head with an orange and gave me a black eye. (Still not sure that was an accident…) So, I guess this is my payback right here.

I see this as another reminder that the kids are growing up fast. So, to all the people who saw them acting like crazy mud-people at a picnic yesterday: Can you blame us for letting them be kids? They’ll be too cool to run squealing in the rain soon. A downpour will be a mild inconvenience instead of an opportunity to stand under a rain gutter and get a “shower”.

Pretty soon they will be turning 30. Lost teeth and being covered in mud will be distant memories. But, they will be memories.

And, for the record, the kids told me we were awesome for letting them play in the rain. So there! 🙂


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