Living in the Present


Yesterday we had some technical difficulties in posting. Our internet connection took a nap so, no blog. Sorry!

Today I want to throw patience and wisdom and a calm demeanor in the 30 Jar.

But, I know myself and that is probably not happening any time soon. I broke a tooth, the kids only have 2 more days of school until it becomes my job to entertain them during the day again, the pile of laundry downstairs is so grand, it’s been named Mount St. Laundry by the American Alpine Club and there is currently a 3 day expedition to the top consisting of a six man team and a couple of goats.

Early this morning, Aili came to snuggle in bed with me. She woke me up when she was crawling across my face to get to the prime real estate between me and Daddy.

This is how she prefers to cuddle up in the bed. Okay, this is more like how she cuddles up on the couch when she naps. You really think I had a camera in bed with me? Don’t answer that.

My mind started racing about things I needed to do, things I have done, and things I have failed to do and I better get done ASAP or the world may implode. And then Aili sighed, wrapped her arm around my neck, and cuddled back to sleep.

Live in the present.

I turned off the brain chatter and wrapped my arm around Aili and enjoyed the moment. Nothing is as sweet as a soft, sleepy toddler who wants to give you a sleep-hug.

I moved my arm a little and realized she wasn’t wearing pants. Or underwear. Or anything. That could only mean one thing. She wet herself up in her bed, stripped down, and came to my bed because I possess a dry sleep space.

Ug. There is probably pee all over her room. I wonder if she peed on the carpet. Should I check her butt to see if there are any other bodily functions involved in this nocturnal release?


Live in the present. Just hug her back and firmly believe her bladder is currently empty.


3 thoughts on “Living in the Present

  1. Aw! Just don’t leave her there too long or the bladder will refill. Lust add those sheets to the mountain (giving the expedition an extra days climb) and consider the trade off well worth it. BTW– that face she crawled over may need some cleaning later too. :). Angie

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