A New Resolve


Since beginning my 30 Jar project of trying or focusing on something new and positive, I have been spontanious, had No Technology days, finally realized what an advocate I need to be for my son, got (re)married in a church, become a “one car family”, found humor in the humorless, remembered to remember, prioritize my life, watched my baby lose his first tooth, and start living in the present.

2 weeks in and I am perfect.



I am pretty sure perfection only exists in Photoshop and on parenting forums. (Why is everyone so perfect there? I get you want to put your best foot forward and be validated for your parenting behavior but, there is no way your 3 year old eats a colorful variety of vegetables daily without complaint. There had got to be something they won’t eat. Carrots? Bok choy? I don’t know what it is, but you know it’s something.)

So, since I am neither approaching perfection or nirvana I am going to spend the next month of my project with a theme. June will be all about my family’s health. My goal for the 30 Jar this month is to try new recipes, teach the kids more about money (Financial health-it counts! Haaaa.), run farther than I ever have before, and foster a healthy and happy home.

That should be easy, right?



To illustrate how difficult this task will be, let me tell you about my car ride the other day….

I got a Sodastream machine for my birthday. Well, I made the mistake of letting the kids have some pop from the machine that was made with juice. They now have it in their minds that they can have soda any time. So, we were starting off for home from the grocery store when one of them (probably Peter) said he wanted pop when he got home. I tried to give him the “not tonight, it’s too late in the evening for pop” card, but he came back with the, “I am going to cause a backseat revolt”. He got the other two riled up and for 20 minutes we had to listen to a backseat protest that was chanting,


It didn’t work in their favor. Hastily assembled protest movements rarely do. But, it did show me what I am up against here…



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