Run, Tina, Run!


June’s 30 Jar goals are off to a great start. Yesterday I broke a personal record for running distance. I took a 10 mile run! I was ridiculously proud of myself and was running on air by the last mile. Of course, as soon as I stopped, my legs said, “NOPE.” and completely seized up for the rest of the night, causing me to hobble around the house like a drunken cowboy.

Before I started on my run, Peter had just gotten out of his bath and was begging for me to let him come along, too. I am not sure if he really wanted to run with me or if this was an elaborate plan to try to avoid the impending bed time, but it got me thinking.

When CAN I take him running with me?

I did a little research on running for young children and here is the abridged version:

  • Running with purpose before kids are kindergarten age is not recommended.
  • It’s not recommended that kids this age run more than a mile. So, if they are enjoying themselves, they could do a 1 mile fun run, but don’t push them in to anything longer until they are older AND express an interest. (No 5k until they are at least 8!)
  • Make running fun by turning it in to a game. Play follow the leader or tag while out for a run. Also, takes breaks! 20-30 minutes of running a couple times per week can happen, but make sure it stays fun and injury-free for your kids!
  • Pushing children to run too hard and too long will cause injuries. Let your child determine their pace and distance.
  • Keep them hydrated! Carry a water bottle for yourself and your child every time you go running.
  • Teach them about running safety. Especially if you are road running in the evenings! They need to wear bright colors and be aware of their surroundings.
  • Many teachers are finding that children who run for casual sport have improved concentration in school. If THAT isn’t reason enough to take the kids out for a fun run, I don’t know what is!
I am pretty jazzed about all this! Summer is here and it would be quite excellent to have a little running buddy. It’s quite preferable to having a typing buddy. (He is sitting next to me with his hands resting on mine while I type. It’s like having a pair of tarantulas trying to help me write and/or eat my fingers. It’s…less than enjoyable and not so helpful.)
Happy running, everyone!

Sources: Runner’s World,


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