Breaking in Summer


It’s day 2 of summer vacation and the twins have already gotten themselves grounded. (Long story. Let’s me just say it involves a lunch box, the top of the closet, a bottle of nail polish, yogurt, and half a dozen innocent bystanders.)

Instead of pulling my hair, I am going to try something different. Obviously, this is one of those “idle hands make the devil’s work” kind of situations. They need something to do so, instead of grounding them and sending them to their room, they are going to get busy with structured activities. (This is SO something new for me. It’s going in the 30 Jar. Teachable moments sometimes get lost when I am fuming about having to scrub nail polish off a ceiling, you know?)

I found some interesting worksheets that I know Aili will get in to for a nice “after-breakfast” activity. She may not be overly interested in the lesson, but she will color them. She will color the heck out of them.

The boys are more in that pottering stage where if they aren’t monkeying around with something and being moderately creative, they are breaking something and being excessively destructive. (Also, they just spent a whole school year doing worksheet upon worksheet at school. I think they may be a bit sick of them by this point…) So, I took a page out of the Montessori method of learning and made them these:

Activity Triangles

All you really need for this project is a pair of scissors and some craft foam or felt. (If you are a perfectionist or of shaky hand, you may want to also have a pencil and ruler on standby to map out your cuts.)

Cut your foam or felt in to various sized squares and rectangles. Then, cut the rectangles along the diagonals to make sets of triangles that, when matched up, will re-form the original shape.

We’re going to do some pattern building, shape matching, and llama making with these fun shapes!

Llama making?

Heck yes. Llamas.

Let’s cross our fingers that A) They enjoy this and B) They don’t now think that they have to act like wild animals in order to get grounded so they can have fun projects to do….oh my gosh. I don’t think I thought this through….



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