Did You Know?


Did you know…


A five-year-old can make holes in drywall with a house key and a bolt? Little boys are all McGyvers. It really doesn’t require much for them to cause serious damage. Keep all paperclips and rolls of duct tape securely locked up at all times.

Sugar ants hate vinegar, but they love finding alternate paths through a window sash to avoid the vinegar and continue their journey to a child-made ant buffet. Also, the buffet that you cleaned last night has mysteriously re-appeared somewhere else in the house today. The ants and the children are working together. Unfortunately, it is only possibly to rid your house of one of them at a time so, you will never completely be free from both.

When a three-year-old wets her bed, her first instinct is to strip naked and climb in to the next available warm and dry bed. That bed is your bed. You now have a new bedmate. Forever.

The amount of water in a bath tub is always less than the amount of water on the bathroom floor if the bathers are under 6.

Nothing a professional chef could ever make will ever top the deliciousness of boxed cereal to a child who has just rolled out of bed. Offering a lesser breakfast (such as homemade waffles with blueberries on top) is completely unacceptable.


Now you know. Also, it’s been quite a morning already. I think I am going to have to have a “re-do” on learning patience today.


3 thoughts on “Did You Know?

  1. Lol! I know all of that AND what happens when they get older ;). Suggestions: teach the boy that duct tape is for sissies; prepare that the ants will be replaced with hordes of teen boys who will eat everything in the house in a matter of minutes; and finally, good luck getting the girl out of your bed–still have this battle with a 25 yo at times! Then you get grand kids and get to watch as your kids go through all the things they put you through. Bwahahahahahahahah! Did I mention you get to add sugar and spoiling to the mix? Just something to look forward to if you survive this stage :). Angie

  2. Hi, I couldn’t find an email address on your blog but would love to invite you to a Michigan blogger event we’re hosting in July. If you’re interested, please email me when you get a free minute. wirtcomm at gmail.com. Thanks!

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