More Theology With the Boys


Last night we were driving home from vacation Bible school and Peter was giving me a full run-down of the history of Christianity. I was pretty impressed with how much he was actually understanding. He started telling me what he knew about the Passion and, with Robert’s help, here was (part of) the story I got:


Peter: And then there was three bad guys and they put a crown of…uh…forns?

Robert: Thorns!

Peter: Yeah, thorns! A crown of thorns on his head and he bleeded.

Robert: It looked like jam.

Me: Then what happened?

Robert: He died. And he hid behind a rock.

Me: Where is Jesus now?

Peter: I am pretty sure he’s on that cloud. The one that looks like an octopus.

Robert: Awesome.


I considered asking why Jesus was on the cloud shaped like an octopus (and, also, where are you seeing a cloud shaped like an octopus?!) but, I knew the answer. Jesus riding an octopus is a pretty bad image, right? You think you’re tough? Well, are you Jesus riding an octopus tough? I didn’t think so.


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