I Got It!


We all know for a fact that Aili hates bugs. So, I knew we were in for a treat when a fly got in the van.

We had just finished watching a concert in the park (that is, of course, another story just waiting to happen…) It was pretty hot and muggy out so, I decided to stop and get ice cream for the kids. I imagine this is how the fly got in the car. I’d follow the soft serve cones and the little kids, too. Easy targets. As we started off for home, I notice Robert beginning to nod off. His belly was full of ice cream and he had spent the last two hours charging around with a stick like a cracked out viking. He was beat.

Robert was fast asleep when Aili noticed the fly was particularly interested in him. It was attempting to land on his ice cream coated fingers and face.

“Mama! A fly! Shoot it!” Aili whimpered. I reassured her the fly wasn’t hurting anyone and if she just waved her hand at it, it would fly away. Also, shooting the fly would be considered overkill.

That wasn’t good enough. The fly was on Robert! I watched from the rearview mirror as Aili ninja kicked from her carseat toward the fly. Her foot pegged Robert square in the mouth and he jolted awake.

“Aili! What did you do that for?” he shouted.

“I got the fly,” she replied proudly.

And now I understand why Robert came to me the next morning, astonished that he had another loose tooth. Thank your sister, pal.


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