Even though I get home from work after everyone else has already eaten dinner, it’s important to me to make sure everyone has a good, homemade meal every night. (I consider that another one of my 30 Jar items. Home cooking is something I have always done, but I am making it a priority this year to do it every day and with an emphasis on healthy meals.)

Last night’s dinner was particularly smart. I made a Mexican pizza for the husband and kids. I took a pizza crust I made in my bread machine and covered it with taco-seasoned tomato sauce, black beans, corn, rice, refried beans, cheese, and fresh cilantro. Even the refried beans were homemade so, I was pretty proud of this pie. I had aqssembled it the night before and put it in the fridge so my husband could just pop it in the oven, finish it off, and serve it. It required no modification on my husband’s part so, he was thrilled with the pizza, too.

I got home shortly after they had finished eating. The remains of the pizza were still at the table and Peter was gazing lovingly at it. My husband asked him if he wanted more and Peter enthusiastically slid his plate closer to the pizza tray.

“Yeah!” he exclaimed. “This pizza is good! Daddy, you make the best pizza. This is better than the pizzas Mom makes!”

Ouch, Peter. Right in the cookbook…


One thought on “Burn

  1. Might have been the effect of everything commingling on the dough.
    I also prefer homecooked food, so I’ll cook off three or four dinners on the weekend for my girl to have during the week.

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